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Self Aware Series, August 2011

Goliath by Chad Chenail

“Goliath” is a modern adaptation of a Norweigan folktale entitled “The Boy Who Found Fear At Last”. It is the story of a boy who was given to his grandmother at a young age, and has been so sheltered and protected by her that he has no idea what it is like to be afraid. After his grandmother refuses to let him go to public school because she is afraid of what the outside world will do to him, 9 year old David decides to sneak out after his grandmother goes to bed to find what fear looks like. 

Real Life by Phillip Mutz

The lines between TV and reality are blurred when former reality TV star Andrew finds himself hearing the voice of a TV producer directing his life.  Adopting a fast-paced, quick-witted, dialogue-driven tone, The Real Life is a comedy for the tech-savvy, Facebook-loving audience of today.

ManChilde by Andre Jermaine Ford

ManChilde begins when an admirer comes upon a potential lover on a innercity streey corner. As he glances upon this male Adonis of color, he begins to contemplate the current life story of the man he admires. He lyrically investigates the rumors of how this Man/ child is a lover of both men and women.

Bad Romance: The Musical by Brett Temple

Bad Romance: The Musical is based on the music of Lady Gaga. When Phonoi the spirit of murder and death is ordered to kill all of the mortals in bad romances, trouble starts. Philophrosyne, the spirit of friendliness and welcome, comes upon Phonoi killing mortals she questions his actions. He explains to her that Aphrodite made the world balanced so every woman has her own man. And that he must kill the people who are  in “bad romances”.  Once the spirits are turned mortal, the fun really begins.

What We Bury by Shannon Deep*

What We Bury, a full-length comedy-drama for two men and one woman. Jake and Vince carry on a tenuous and secretive romantic relationship in college, but when Vince meets and marries Jake’s friend Darcy, both men are forced to pretend nothing ever happened—that is, until Darcy and Vince contact him out of the blue several years later and ask for his help.

*Play selected to be developed and mentored by Identity Theater Company and presented again.