Identity Theater

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Self Esteem Series, May 2012

Born This Way, by Nicholas Linnehan

Born This Way is a one act play inspired by the painting of Dumbo Squid by Robert Claude Fundis. This play channels the struggle of an all American football star who is hiding a secret. Through laughter and Tears those who love him the most battle their own feelings to try to find acceptance and love. Born This Way asks; How far would you go to find your true self?

The Cost of Education by Mathew Nicholson

Summit Matthews and Hayden Daniels explore the complexities of the student/professor relationship as assess they the true cost of their education in one final mind-bending lecture.

Down This Riad by Rori Nogee

Jett, once an “almost” rockstar, now finds herself settled into an unsettling suburban life with her strait-laced husband, Greg, and one year old daughter. Her world is shaken up by her biggest fan, Chloe, who is now herself a commercially successful singer. Chloe arrives at Jett’s house under the guise of working with Greg on her touring campaign. However, Chloe has hidden motives that threaten to tear apart Jett’s family, while Jett has some secrets of her own. When the truth surfaces, Jett must decide whether she believes in responsibility or freedom, fate or free will.

50 Things I love about Frank by Gaspare DiBlase

The Stampoli’s are your typical Italian American family living in Brooklyn New York in the year 2009. We meet Frank, the son of John and Josephine Stampoli, a twenty-year-old young man struggling to find himself, due to the complexities of being gay in a not so contemporary family. Frank searches for himself through his first encounter with love and heartbreak while dealing with his over protective mother, a father straight from Sicily with religious and political beliefs so different from his own, while still trying to maintain a friendship with Nadine, a high school friend. Frank is ultimately put to the test when he has to succumb to
letting go of Anthony, his first love. Here we see a family, a friend, and lovers evolve through laughter, love and many heart wrenching moments, while coming to terms with their own truths.